Used to و be used to

Negative form: Subject + didn’t + use to + V (base). We use the verb get together with used to to express that we are becoming accustomed to something

    Inauthor مارجريت آتوود ت عبد الحميد فهمي الجمال
  1. I visited my grandparents twice last month
  2. m
  3. Used to / would / didnt use
  4. 1
  5. English bit by bit
  6. This is some grammar that even advanced students find tricky
  7. a
  8. 1 When we were children we used ______skiing every winter
  9. When I was a student, I would
  10. Im getting used to the strange smell in the factory
  11. This street ---- (be) very dark until the new lights were installed